John Guccion

Corporate Content Writer | Communications Manager | Instructional Designer | Voice Over Talent

United States

With 25+ years of experience in the corporate world, I understand the challenging scenarios you, your team, and your clients face: the never-ending workload, urgent project demands and deadlines, and the need to plan and execute customer-centric, action-oriented learning and development programs.

Having been in your position, I know what it takes as a training professional, content strategist, writer, and professionally trained e-learning voice over talent to help you sell, promote, inform, and educate in today's ever-evolving, pressure-filled environments.

My corporate experience spans multiple industries - financial services, consumer electronics, higher education, and broadcast news media - for companies of all sizes including Samsung Electronics America, JPMorgan Chase, and Apollo Education Group.

In addition to marketing communications and instructional design, I've also succeeded in sales, customer service, and customer-facing/back-office operations roles, which has enabled me to gain a unique perspective on the front lines of business.

My work in all these functions has helped organizations acquire and retain new business, equip customers with product knowledge, engage employees, drive event attendance, ready the field for change, recruit and enroll, and boost morale.

My portfolio samples here include long- and short-form procedure writing, how-to video scripts, sales enablement materials, and more.

I'm looking forward to joining your team and can't wait to help you achieve your project goals!


How John Can Help

Technical Writing

Corporate Department Technology Procedure
How-To Guide

I wrote this procedure to help corporate video technology team members learn new technology.

Website Content - User Guide
Corporate Perks Resource

I created this guide to improve workplace awareness about employee discount benefits.

Internal Communications

Employee Communications
Internal Newsletter Articles

These articles helped large company employees get comfortable with big leadership changes.

Audio/Video Scripts

Thought Leadership Copywriting

Website Copywriting
Bios & Practice Profiles

These online bios and practice profiles supported attorneys on a thought leadership roadshow.

Email Copywriting
Client Seminar Invitation

This email invite was used to drive attendance to a national law firm's client seminar.

Sales Enablement Materials

Sales Enablement Materials
Product News & Updates

These intranet articles helped prepare Sales teams for product-related client conversations.

Sales Enablement Materials
Client Success Stories

Samples of client success stories for leverage in sales calls and meeting prep.